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Empowered African Youths Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in 2016 to empower African youths and promote entrepreneurship among young Africans. Our long-term vision is to build the largest network for African youths and young entrepreneurs for socioeconomic development. The problem identified when we started the foundation was the lack of self-awareness & confidence in young people to start a business and sustain it. There are over 225 million youths in Africa, many of whom are unemployed, and those who are employed do not get paid enough to provide for their basic needs or enable them to save.

Ekeh Tochukwu Jude

Founder, Empowered African Youths Foundation

Our Core Pillars

What we stand for


Starting a business is difficult enough; government shouldn't make it harder or more complicated.
81% of entrepreneurs do not access a bank loan or venture capital.


The promotion of partnerships of key stakeholders to manage these schemes
The development of youth-led associations for youth enterprise.

Youth Empowerment

Youth empowerment should be embedded within the organisational and community culture.
Integrate entrepreneurship, savings and investment culture and education

Personal Development

Encourage young people’s artistic and cultural expression through festivals, competitions.
Collate quantitative and qualitative data on youth development

Empowered African Youths Foundation

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Volunteering might help you feel connected to something other than your friends and family. Develop new talents. Volunteering may help you develop new skills, experience, and even certificates. Accept a challenge.

Building community and social capacity entails assisting members of the community in sharing their knowledge, skills, and ideas. Community resilience is the process of assisting a community to support itself. Prevention entails emphasising early access to services or assistance, participation in design, cross-sector collaboration, and partnerships.

While studies suggest that the more you volunteer, the more benefit you will receive, volunteering does not have to be a long-term commitment. Giving in little ways may help people in need while also improving your general health and happiness.

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Youth Empowerment should be much better marketed, internalised and used by
the key stakeholders: governments; youth networks, including our Youth Caucus;

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