Empowered African Youths Foundation Team

Yani Gabriel

Vice Chairman Board of Trustee I EAYF/Youth Coach, Low Entropy Foundation

Raphael Esu

Vice Chairman Board of Trustee II EAYF/Law Lecturer

Naomi Ekop

Executive Board Member EAYF/Legal Associate at Piggytech Global Limited

Tom Kembukuswa

Non Executive Board Member EAYF/Supply Chain & Logistics Consultant

Fernand Haba

Non Executive Board Member EAYF/Economic and Valuation Strategist, KPMG

We dream big and get things done

It starts with a shared dream. In the work of dreams, toil or magic, we find our courage and strength. We fully engage with other people in this journey of dreams… To make those dreams come true takes courage and faith. Sometimes we have to make hard choices among many desirable possibilities. Sometimes the path is bathed in light, but more often it is not easy or well-lit. And sometimes it’s dark and